Friday, June 24, 2016

Maybe we should have recalled the top two school board officers like they are doing in Sevastopol?

 It seems that Crivitz is not the only place in Wisconsin where the public is unhappy with their elected school board members.  The same problems we are having in Crivitz have been going on to our south.

Maybe we need to move the Highway 64 line that Dave's mentions as a "divider" south to Green Bay?  Check out "The Truth According to Dave" His blog is at: to see what he might have to say on this and many other subjects.

The story below is from the Channel 5 Website.  The direct link is listed below it.  I don't know how long the TV station keeps their stories on their website so I cut and pasted the article.  

The parents in the Sevastopol School District put together a petition that over 800 people signed in an attempt to force a recall election for the President and Vice President of the Sevastopol School Board.

This group of parents has grown after coming together to support Principal Mary Donaldson who got removed from the school back in February, that was just the beginning.

Parents voiced their concerns on the matter at board meetings, in the media and teachers wrote letters, but this community movement felt the board wasn't listening to their concerns.

"There was no other option," said Ben Rikkola a parent who has three children who attend Sevastopol. "People signed their names and that was a bold thing to do."

So the group of parents are using a democratic process to pursue a new election as a last resort, they needed 743 signatures for the recall election and got over 800.

This group states lack of transparency, inappropriate us of taxpayer' money and broken lines of communication as the reason for the petition.

The clerk for the Sevastopol School District told Local 5 that she has to review the petition to make sure that the signatures came from people who live in the district and are old enough to vote, she also said that the school board has until June 26 to challenge the petition.

The community group already has candidates ready to run against President Sue Todey and Vice President Bill Behme.

"We are kind of waiting and holding our cards before we name our candidates," said Rikkola.
The group of parents said they never wanted it to come to this, but have grown tired of being ignored.
"It is simply a case of a small minority that is calling the shots at Sevastopol and not willing to listen to the majority," said Rikkola.

Sevastopol has won a pair of blue ribbon school awards and those flags fly in front of the school.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Doing things the smart way?

An excellent Opinion Letter was in the Eagle Herald on Friday June 17, 2016.  I am guessing that not all of you read the decent local newspaper so I have scanned it and will give my comments after the article.

While the Menominee school district like other school districts around here often does strange things I think this is an excellent move on their part and makes good fiscal sense.  They are spending the tax payers money wisely it seems.  Peshtigo should learn from them.  Crivitz needs to check out the old building they are using as a grade school and middle school to inform the parents and tax payers of the condition of the building and any short term or long term needs.  I think the new Crivitz high school was built in 1999 so it is 17 years old already people.

What do you think the highly paid administrator and highly paid building, grounds and transportation manager do all summer long?   Surfing the internet?  Snap chatting?  Face booking?  I wonder what video games they play?   I would bet the administrator plays solitaire or chess against the computer.  I doubt he plays on line poker with his money but he likes to gamble with the tax payers money with lawsuits.  They lost the firing Amy lawsuit and now she is one of his bosses.  Ironic or justice?  One has to wonder what his chance of keeping his job long term is?  Will any or all of the three girls run for School Board?  What about their parents?

I am guessing that none of the local big fish in a small pond can influence the judges that will decide the three girls lawsuit.  Hopefully the judges will decide based on the law as it is written and not the little bit the Oconto Judge took the time to actually read.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

What will they do?

It seems like schools and other government operations need to start thinking, planning and adding bathrooms and facilities for kids that identify with a different sex than they were born or are physically.  When or where will this start in small schools and the like?  What will the local school boards need the school administrator to do?  Oh wait in Crivitz the administrator seems to think he is in charge so I am wondering what he will tell them to do?  Any way you slice it this will cost a lot of money to the tax payers.  Come to think of it I don't think I have even seen a "family" bathroom in either school. While many locals will choose to ignore the new needs and I don't even know if we have any students that need special bathrooms and facilities yet I am suspecting the government is not going to let that be the solution.  I wonder if the Peshtigo dream school has plans for the extra stuff needed?  Oh wait they don't have any real plans as they just want the tax payers to pony up the money and their high priced design firm (that won't tell us how much money they will make) will plan the new $34 million dollar + school.  With no short term or long term plans for the Crivitz School District I cannot help but wonder.  What do you think?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Drug testing in our school . . . . is it working? Are they even doing it? Why no results?

Drugs are a problem in Marinette County and all across the US it seems.  Marinette County even has a drug court.  Don't kid yourself that legalizing marijuana will reduce the drug problems.  Legalizing marijuana just means there will be more people under the influence driving vehicles and fewer dollars coming in for court fines for awhile.  Legalizing marijuana will just make law enforcement more difficult.

The Crivitz School Board was forced by the Athletic Director to spend $8000 (that we know of) researching implementing "FREE" drug testing.   We have been provided with no results.  NOTHING!  We do not even know if they are doing any testing.

I know that because they are testing juveniles they are not supposed to disclose names or identify the kids or adults and giving out any medical information is a big NO NO because of HIPAA Laws and Regulations. The School Board should at least tell us how many kids were tested don't you think?  Are they catching any kids violating their policy?  But more importantly are they getting help for kids that are violating their policy?  They did not help the girls they punished that filed the ongoing lawsuit against them or the one that seems to have lied and started the whole mess.  I wonder what their drug policy even is.  Think any School Board members know what their drug policy is or even care?  Wonder if any of the school board members use drugs?  They way they vote often makes me think so.  Is alcohol a drug . . . . . . .

The school could have bought a lot of things with the $8000 the School Board spent with lawyers.  Perhaps we would have better testing of the volunteers if they used this money to pay for that?

Here is an article I found on the subject:

The Short of It

South Carolina's Beaufort County School District will start random drug testing of student athletes in the fall, a policy that has parents divided.

The Lowdown

While prohibited from giving random drug tests to the general student body, teachers or staff, the law allows the school district to test students with special privileges, such as participating in athletics and extracurricular activities as well as having a campus parking permit. The Beaufort County School District will begin the new policy by drug testing at least 38 students at each high school each month, and phasing in testing of extracurricular participants in 2016 and parking permit holders in 2017. Drug testing will cost the district up to $50,000 the first year.
The school is implementing the new policy to identify students struggling with substance abuse to provide them with services and counseling. If a student fails a drug test, he or she will not be able to participate in athletics for 365 days unless they receive an assessment by a licensed substance-abuse professional, complete at least one treatment session within 10 days of the positive test, pass another drug test within 90 days of the first failed test, and meet with their parent and principal.
Second and third offenses carry increasing levels of consequences, and corresponding consequences will apply to the privileges of extracurricular participants and parking permit holders when their drug testing begins. Students will not be reported to law enforcement or disciplined by the school unless they are under the influence at the time of the test.
In a local news survey of about 620 people, 55 percent said they opposed the district's plan, while 41 percent were in favor. Some parents in the South Carolina school district think the school is overstepping and unfairly targeting certain students, while others think student drug abuse is a significant problem that the school needs to monitor.

The Upshot

While it is admirable that the school wants to provide services and counseling to students struggling with substance abuse, I'm not sure if the school's policy is fair or useful. It seems like an invasion of students' privacy to be able to randomly test them without cause, and it's an inappropriate condition of participating in athletics and extracurriculars or parking on campus. The kids who want to get away with it will probably find a way, and it seems like the school district's money would be better spent on another method of addressing students' substance abuse issues.
What do you think?

I wonder what Dave has to say and you might also so check out

The Truth According to Dave

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Where to find it on the web.

There is a ton of information on the internet.  It is available to anyone at any time. The addresses I posted here are not opinion websites so the information is accurate unlike some information you will find on the internet and various opinion sites.  When you get bored you can look up lots of things that you may find useful.  If I think of some more I will add them or post another blog article.

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access  Look up your friends and neighbors or use it to do a cheap (free) background check like the Crivitz School District does. Keep in mind it is only for Wisconsin residents.  It is not often up to date for some counties as I suspect the people responsible for updating the information put in their time and leave unlike people in the private working sector. They get to it when there is nothing else to do most likely.

School District Government which is chapter 120 of Wisconsin State Law,   Substitutes published and certified under s. 35.18. June 1, 2016. This is how a school district government is required to be set up by the Wisconsin State Government.

General School Operations Everything from the duties and powers of school boards; construction of statutes thru parental choice program for eligible school districts and other school districts. Items of interest include: Tests for alcohol use, policy on bullying, locker searches,

WIAA Website has everything and more than you might want to know about Wisconsin School Sports.  It even covers the requirements for coaching.  No mention of what WIAA stands for though.

Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations  It starts with Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Civil Divisions of the State and last of the index is Construction of Statutes, Repeal of Existing Laws, Curative Acts and Miscellaneous Statutes.  This is a huge list of laws for everything and anything in Wisconsin. You have to go to the actual website to link to one area of interest to readers of this blog as it is on Public Instruction and includes:
115. State superintendent; general classifications and definitions; children with disabilities. (PDF: PDF)
116. Cooperative educational service agencies. (PDF: PDF)
117. School district reorganization. (PDF: PDF)
118. General school operations. (PDF: PDF)
119. First class city school system. (PDF: PDF)
120. School district government. (PDF: PDF)
121. School finance. (PDF: PDF)

Recall Elected Officials information which includes school board. It has been used on two Crivitz School Board members successfully so far.  I wonder who is next?

Wisconsin State law Library you can find most anything of a legal nature that you might want to look up.

The Truth According to Dave

Monday, May 30, 2016

Rearranging the chairs . . . . .

Over in the Marinette school district several administration positions will change July 1st.  Three people are retiring. The article in the Eagle Herald was a little difficult to follow but their very biased editorial cleared things up.  The positions people are retiring from are the Superintendent, Garfield Principal and the "activities director".  I don't know what an "activities director" does and I think they eliminated the position.  They have not hired anyone new for positions they have just traded chairs and buildings for positions with three people retiring.    

The old superintendent is retiring at age 58 after about 7 years as the boss.  58 seems real young to "retire". Wonder if he is headed to another job?  Double dipping on Marinette's tax dollars perhaps?

The new superintendent is a woman that steadily worked her way up thru their system with some time in Franklin, WI in an "administrative" capacity.  I'd guess if it was an important position she held that they would have told us so. Wonder why she left there in 2015?  She came back to Marinette to be director of teaching, learning and technology.  Wonder what that position does?  It does not sound very critical or important.

The former high school principal "steps down" to be the new "quality assurance director".   Why doesn't Crivitz have a "quality assurance director"?  Wonder if it pays more than principal?

The High School will get a recycled principal from the Menekaunee Sunrise Early Learning Center. So from little kids to big kids. Quite a big jump.

While another person will be moving from district improvement/assessment coordinator to principal of Garfield.  Another interesting change it seems.

It is sometimes great to promote from within for employee morale, still one has to wonder if this changing of chairs is in the best interests of the students or the tax payers? Sadly we won't know because they just did it without consulting the voters and parents or look at external job applicants evidently.

The Marinette district has a lot of non teaching positions it seems.    It does provide for more people to have at meetings and make decisions about spending tax payer dollars.  All these people seem to have gained most of their experience locally.  Many of them are also coaches for sports.  Most people learn from others that have been on the job for more years than they have.  No one to learn from it appears.  Look at how well that has worked for our plumber/school district president!  Lots of the experience he gets plumbing fits in with the school board no doubt.

In Crivitz the school board hires other districts school teachers and gives them their first experience in management.  A questionable practice in many people minds.

I almost forgot that way back on May 12th the Eagle Herald said Menominee Board of Education gave their superintendent an "effective" rating.  This means she passed and kept her well paying position but she was in the lower end of the school boards grading range again according to the newspaper.  I'd call that a C or C-.  The board was concerned about "communications and inaccurate information".  "They need to have information from the superintendent in a timely and accurate manner before decisions need to be made" the school board told her.  Hard to imagine that board members would want to know well ahead of time what the issues were and the facts.  They don't need to in Crivitz.  Not only that but they wanted to be involved with programs and staff being hired also.  Guess there is plenty of room for improvement for the current superintendent?  Wonder if the pay is tied to the evaluation?

Why doesn't the Crivitz School Board evaluate their administrator and put the results in the paper for all to read?  Maybe the evaluations are done in one of the many questionable closed meetings the board has?  Closed meetings other school district do not seem to have or perhaps need. Maybe they have less to hide than Crivitz does?

It is our kids, our school, our tax money and our votes that should be determining these things.  You should find the time to take in a school board meeting and see how little they communicate, discuss and decide. It might scare you given their budget.

Check out The Truth According to Dave  for his opinion on lots of local issues.

Monday, May 23, 2016

New School in Crivitz?

If you do not think that the Peshtigo School District Administration, School Board and Add Hock committee (not a spelling mistake) demanding a new school in Peshtigo won't be felt in Crivitz eventually you need to step back, take a look around and think.

The Crivitz Grade School building is old.  The two schools are not crowded since they built the new high school and moved the older kids away from the younger kids this along with the number of kids in the district declining some appear to have kept things good. The age of the Crivitz Grade School building should clue us in on what to expect.  Older mechanical and plumbing, not much insulation, leaky windows and doors, etc.  Realistically we should be getting regular updates from the administration including the buildings and grounds manager about the condition of the grade school.  I have always wondered why there is a buildings and grounds manager with only two small buildings?  I never see him actually doing any physical labor.  Over the years the staff to "manage" has been cut to the bone.

I am shocked that there is not a plan for a replacement building or an addition to the high school building of some sort with moving out of the old school the target.

Oh silly me that would require planning of some type.  There does not appear to be a short term plan or a long term plan for much of anything at any of the area school districts including UW-Marinette. The counties, cities, villages, towns, etc. do not seem to have a plan in place either.  They do all use the deferred maintenance system though.

I would think that a person running a large for the area old plumbing firm would have a grasp on what is needed.  It appears he does not and the guidance provided by the school administration is limited to their previous job experience which is only teaching classes.  A person can take and pass a lot of classes, classes that don't prepare them for the advanced real needs of a small school district with real world experience.  Education does not make you smart, it does not give you common sense either. Both seem to be lacking in many area government settings.

We still need more changes at all levels of management in our local school district as do the other school districts around here.

So do you see the hand writing on the wall?  We are going to be just like Peshtigo in the future if the school board and administration does not keep us informed and plan for the future.  Let's hope they are better at preparing our children for the future than they are at planning for the school district itself for the future. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Even more Peshtigo voters/taxpayers speak out.

It seems that even more and more people are fed up with the Peshtigo school administrator, ad hoc committee and school board in Peshtigo and they are speaking out.  The letters below were in several issues of the Peshtigo Times Newspaper.  Some stories are online for free.  Address is:   It is available by mail for $29.  The complete online edition of the newspaper is $10 last time I checked.  I have a feeling we have not heard the last on this issue.

Dear Editor:

Am I understanding correctly? Another referendum is in the making? You possibly had to turn your hearing aid up a bit in November to hear the taxpayers, but no hearing apparatus was needed in April, as the taxpayers came across loud and clear. NO NO NO!!! What part of NO isn't understood?

In a recent meeting it was mentioned to get rid of the Hoffman Co. and look for another company to handle the school project. Sounds great. When a taxpayer asks at a public hearing how much Hoffman was to make on the project, the representative from Hoffman got up to the podium and replied, "I'd rather not disclose that." Why such a secret, especially to a district taxpayer, who (in a round-about way) signs their check?

After a comment like that, I believe they deserve to be replaced. And while you are looking for another company for the school project, maybe you could also look for (2) higher-up school execs who are willing to pay their property taxes to the Peshtigo School District.

At one of the Ad Hoc meetings I asked where the money came from to pay the fees for the public relations company Leonard & Finks. The answer was, from the district. I then asked if a company was also hired to represent the NO voters. I was very rudely cut off by the School Board President, with that's enough of that - let's move on. It was published that this company was hired to help PROMOTE passage of the referendum. I requested to see the contract with this company but told there isn't any. So I then requested any paperwork that had to do with them. I only received generic monthly bills for some of the months. I then went to the School Board meeting and again asked for an explanation of charges.

After looking at the papers I had, I was told there were more and that our superintendent was under the assumption I had those also. What was it that you didn't want me to see? When there are multiple staple holes up in the corner, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the sheets had been separated at one time or another. I still don't believe I received ALL the paperwork I requested and have a RIGHT to see.

There were representatives from the Leonard & Finco Co. at the meetings in March, yet I received no billings from that month. With the paperwork I do have, the district has paid this firm in excess of $7,000.

This is pure and simple discrimination towards each and every taxpayer who voted NO for the school. You cannot use taxpayer's money to hire a company to favor only one viewpoint. You can change all the wording you want, to try to talk your way out of what was done, but to the best of my knowledge, no one asked for a retraction as to what was printed in the papers as being false information like with the big fuss made over an article with figures and no signature.

Now, all of a sudden the info printed is not true. In fairness to the taxpayers of the Peshtigo School District, all of you that are responsible for hiring this one-sided firm should dig deep into your own pockets and replace every penny spent. That money would go a long way in educating our children and was put there for that reason.

By the way, how can it be that everyone else's figures are wrong and only the Superintendent's are right? Going so far as calling people liars about their figures is becoming of a leader. I have not seen proof of numbers published which would verify that his are the only correct ones. Until that is published for the whole district to see, I believe an apology is in order.

I have been contacted by some concerned citizens and they wish me to convey their ideas and concerns for another possible referendum. Their ideas are fantastic and deserved to be looked at and considered.

I brought some of my own ideas and concerns to the Ad Hoc committee and was not even allowed to finish my questions, ideas, or comments. Why? Could it be because I was not in favor of a $34 ($57) million debt which by the way, many could not afford. They would only allow the "Pro" people to elaborate of their ideas. So, can you think of any reason why people are afraid to come and talk to any of you? Belittling is very becoming by some members of the Ad Hoc committee.

I refuse to have a one on one meeting with anyone. Anything I have to say can and will be said in a public setting. Maybe if some of you Ad Hoc people would just put on your (Listening Ears) for once, there are many people in this district that have good ideas. I am willing to pass along the ideas I received.

The taxpayers of the Peshtigo School District have a right to know.

Candi Buchenauer

Letter to Editor

Re: Peshtigo School Referendum

Again the referendum has failed. Again the school board, ad hoc committee and the district superintendent are confused why this has happened. There have been many good reasons given at the meetings and in the Peshtigo Times. It seems like only the taxpayers hear them. Also people don't like to be told lies and half truths (like the school will be condemned and closed). 

Maybe we don't need a new school: only a new board, ad hoc committee and district superintendent !!!

Buzz Davis



Times Editor:

In your lengthy article about why the referendum was defeated you failed to mention that some people simply cannot afford to have $200 to $300 added to their tax bill for 27 years just for the schools.  Not to mention other taxes and city costs that will also be going up.  Was this not even brought up at the ad hoc meeting?  Please don't say just give up restaurant meals for 27 years.  Some of us have had to give this up long ago. There are people in this community who have lost their jobs, working now just part time for minimum wages and others worried about their jobs.

It's great for the administrator and teachers living somewhere else to support $33 million for a new school. They won't have to pay for it!

It's time for a plan B that is affordable for the whole community. How many times do the people have to vote NO to a $33 million dollar new school ?????

Ruth Meyer

291 N. Noquebay Ave.   

Peshtigo, Wi. 

Check out  The Truth According to Dave  as he weighs in on local subjects.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Why don't people speak up?

One of our many guaranteed freedoms is freedom of speech.  Freedom of Speech means you are allowed to voice your opinion.  Freedom of Speech does not allow you to be a bully though. Why are most people afraid to speak up?  I see it in the parents and kids alike.  Are people afraid of what other people will think if you voice your opinion?  HINT: Other people will think what they will no matter what your opinion is and what you say.  If you fail to express your opinion it is like not voting in an election or maybe worse.  I may disagree with you but I still realize that you are entitled to your opinion right or wrong, whether I disagree with it or not. People need to be reminded that everyone is entitled to their opinion and they are free to express it within some limits. Slander and social bullying is not a good idea unless you like being sued. 

It never ceases to amaze me the people that want someone else to do the dirty work.  I can understand if you are afraid of losing your job but few if any other reasons carry much weight.  Federal whistle blowers are rewarded and usually protected.  

Donald Trump isn't afraid to say what he feels. You may agree or not agree with him. Either way he gives the media plenty of material to make headlines with but none the less he is entitled to his opinion and to change it if he wants to.  IF he is elected president I doubt much will change as Congress runs the country folks. People must not feel that the current government is doing a good job which is why Mr. Trump is doing so well in the voting boxes perhaps?  We will know in November for sure.

Lucky for people around here that some people are willing to speak up.  I prefer to stay out of the limelight leaving it to Dave and Pete.

People would love to hear from the girls themselves and their parents or anyone else on any matter. How about some more of you Crivitz people starting to speak up?  People against building a new school in Peshtigo are starting to.

Check out  The Truth According to Dave  for what's on his mind.

Monday, May 16, 2016

No one wants to be in charge. WHY?

At the May 4th meeting according to the Peshtigo Times article it seems like no one wanted to be school board president or any of the other officers as there was no discussion despite member Gary Huc asking board members to discuss the subject.  I wonder why this is? I would not expect the new girl on the board to be president although she got way more votes than any of the other school board members ever got in any school board election.  In the end only one person was nominated to each position. Winning if you are the only one running for something does not say much.  Just like beating a candidate in a recall election that does nothing to try to get elected carries little weight. Maybe it is easier to just show up unprepared for the meetings and follow the lead dog and a plumber.  Or perhaps the fact that the school has been in three lawsuits in the last 10 years is starting to effect the conscious of some board members?  The new addition to the board was one of the lawsuit winners in the past so I wonder how that is going to play out long term.

There is no doubt that the community is divided about the current lawsuit, drug testing and a few other issues so just being on the board might be bad enough let alone being president or in charge in any way, shape or form may not be a good idea.  Board members do get paid for being on the board even if they do nothing.

For the record as I predicted there was an article in the Peshtigo Times stating the the ruling by the Oconoto County Judge is being appealed.  The lawsuit really should have gone to a higher authority than Oconto County to start with.  Social media bullying by a teacher, lying by a student's parents and stamping on the rights of minor girls should be addressed and not just blown off by some local court.  Local courts are for speeding, disorderly conduct, minor theft, bad checks, DUI, drugs and such. Cases that are complicated belong in the proper place and in front of a jury I feel.  

Why does no one want to be in charge?   Anyone from the school board care to comment?

Check out  The Truth According to Dave  for his spin on things.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

No education needed.

There are no requirements for being on any elected government board just get enough votes to win. We have requirements to vote (an ID), drive a car (Drivers License), fish (fishing license), teach (4 year degree & license), sell real estate (State License), hunt (various hunting licenses), drive a semi truck (CDL), lawyer (lots of education and pass the bar exam) . . . . .  are you getting the idea?

Don't you wonder how qualified the members of the local school boards are?  I am guessing that we would all be in shock if we knew the few if any qualifications that they have or rather don't have.  At a minimum I would think having kids in the school might be a good idea.

Sadly there is no educational requirement to be on a school board. 

In Crivitz the administration at the very least went to school for 4 years plus some more.  Keep in mind that the advanced education we often reimburse them for getting and then pay them more money every year afterwards because they have it.  We don't know how they did in school.  Ever heard one of them mention their grade point or where they were in their graduating class?  Remember you can be in the lower half of your class and still graduate.  Matter of fact you can be last in the class and still get a degree, advanced or plain.

We know the school board president studied under his father to become a plumber.  Think about what plumbers work includes working with.  I will give you a hint: there are lots of septic systems in the area.  I know the school administration, school board members and many others all read this blog and Dave's blog so why not share your qualifications?  You are all public figures so you should not hide anything.  How did you all do in accounting?  Any experience in human resources?  Time management?  Building and grounds?  Afraid to come clean? 

If you are new to this blog WELCOME! and check out
The Truth According to Dave   for his thoughts and opinions.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Background Checks and more . . . . . . . .

A non action item topic at a recent meeting of the Crivitz School Board was background checks.  The cost of the checks not the quality of the checks seemed to be the big concern. Should they go with a "FREE" check or a $7.00 or $13.00 check?   

The FREE check is worth exactly what is paid for it nothing!

A free check means looking up the person on Wisconsin Circuit Court Access site.  A public government run site I have mentioned before.  It isn't even up to date necessarily. 

$7.00 buys you a large meal at a fast food place. You  don't get much for a $7.00 background check and maybe not even as much as you get for free?

At $13.00 you can get two large meals at a fast food place or one better meal at an area dining spot maybe even a small decent pizza?  I'm thinking the safety of our kids is worth way more than $13.00.

I wonder what are they doing now since they keep discussing it?

I'd like to see a sample of each background check before I decided anything.  As a test why not run one of each type of background check on all the school board members?  I'm sure none of them have anything to hide.  Wouldn't it be interesting to see how they all fair?  Then the School Board and public could compare the quality of the checks and amount of information received.  Maybe do some free drug testing on all of them as long as we are at it?   Remember it is "FREE"!   Any costs could just be deducted from their pay. All of them claim they'd do it without being paid so it should not be a problem.  Heck I bet we could get donations from area business men and tax payers to pay for it.  What do you think?

Ok back to more serious thoughts. Perhaps we need a couple things?  How about fewer volunteers for starters?  How about doing the FREE check on anyone that applies?  Maybe do a "FREE" drug check also?  If the parents don't pass the drug test you could test their kids then.  After the initial applications and two tests passed, a School Board Committee could approve the seriously needed volunteers.  What's the point of having lots of volunteers if you don't need them?  Why pay for tests for volunteers not needed?  Why even waste the time if you don't need them?  If the volunteer passes the first three screenings (FREE one, Free Drug Test and committee approval) do the more expensive one that the school board decided on.  Ask the volunteer if they are willing to pay for the testing.  It can't hurt.  They charge at other schools although the expert on every subject and resident liar school administrator will claim they don't at other school.  I happen to know they do for a fact. The school administrator is likely to be a story at a later date. More research is needed. 

What do you think the school board should do?   
Their contact information is on the school website if you wish to contact these public officials.   I doubt you'll get any replies.  They are way to busy solving the problems of the world until they get to the school board meetings where they like to sit on their hands and keep their mouths shut.  The school board president is trying to keep his grandpa's business afloat as politics can hurt your business and I hear they have along with hurting his relatives businesses as well. Welcome to small town America!  Take the good along with the bad.

It is our school, our tax dollars and our children .  Time to hold the school board to a higher standard don't you think? 

Check out  The Truth According to Dave  for his opinions!


Monday, May 2, 2016

Can one new person make a difference?

New School Board member Amy has a huge local following as one should conclude by the number of votes she got in the last election.  She has history with the school being a former employee of the district running the IT department (I believe).  Her husband is an active coach of several Crivitz School sports teams and a local business man.  He does flooring installation.  They still have at least one child in the school system unlike several School Board members, members that have no business still being on the school board but that is another post perhaps?

I hope that Amy makes a huge difference!  Hopefully some of the other board members will remove their hands from under their butts and open their mouths.  They need to stop blindly following the lead dog administrator and school board president/plumber.

Elected school boards are supposed to represent the voters and tax payers looking out for the best interests of our children providing them with a safe secure school where they can learn! 

This school district seems to be more concerned about being a police force (first it was disciplining three girls and now it is drug testing all the good kids) than they are about real safety concerns.  In Antigo, the school management may have saved a massacre at their Prom.  Two police officers (the school had hired for safety concerns) shot in the parking lot a person with a rifle before he got inside although he did wound a couple students outside of the building.  No telling how many lives they saved.  In Crivitz they are drug testing the good kids and not reporting anything to anyone.  Antigo obviously has some sharp people running the school system.  Crivitz has a teacher that took a bunch of classes and applied for the administrator job with no management experience in any other district as a principal or administrator.  Expectations are low for him.  One cannot expect a plumber to know much about schools either although the school board president did graduate from Crivitz High School.  Plumber's mainly serve as apprentices to other plumbers to get their experience and license.  I'm guessing he did this under dear old dad who is still working at the plumbing shop when he isn't out bullying voters to keep his son on the school board.  Wonder what will happen when dad can no longer protect his kid?

Hopefully Amy will make a difference by just asking questions and insisting on getting accurate and  real answers so perhaps the others will follow her lead?  Time will tell us the answer.

Tune into  The Truth According to Dave  for his spin as he sees it!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What is going on with the area schools?

I could not help but notice that Coleman and Marinette are firing (non-renewal notices) many long time teachers for the next school year.  It appears that that the administrators (not the school boards) are giving the reason that SAGE is no longer being followed. The school boards seem to be clueless from what I read in the papers, have no backbones or any creative ideas either.  Just follow the leader blindly.  What this means is more students per teacher in classrooms.  I wonder if this is the only place to make cuts?  I'm thinking it is the easiest place for the administrators to make cuts. 

I wonder why school districts can have combined sports teams but not much is being done to share administrators and non teaching employees.  Do any of you believe that that sharing of some employees could not be done?  The cities, towns, villages and counties have employees that supervise multiple buildings and employees all over the place.  Why not share administrators and buildings & grounds managers, etc.?

Crivitz has been quietly not replacing the many teachers that have retired or left for various reasons. It seems in the surrounding school districts the teachers tend to stay a long time not but not in Crivitz.  I wonder why that is?  So it is likely that Crivitz soon will have more teaching staff reductions and larger classes as these schools all follow the other schools lead.  Monkey See/Monkey Do applies it seems.  

I wonder what Dave has on his mind lately?

The Truth According to Dave

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Welcome to the School Board Amy!

I know that "Rome wasn't built in a day" so change may take longer or will it?  It is weird that Amy got so many votes compared to the other two challengers while the same group of voters must have cast their ballots for the incumbents giving them all similar vote totals.  I believe that Amy got the most votes for school board in many election cycles as long as I can remember.  The school board president only got 485 votes in the recall election so had he been in this election he'd be off the board where he belongs.  Unknown Wendy got way more than he did.  Todd is even more unknown to the voters it appeared.  Todd still was in striking distance of the 485 votes the plumber got to save his seat for awhile.  Of course when a candidate does nothing as a campaign that only works if you are an incumbent "North of 64".  Even the incumbent plumber spent money to keep his seat for awhile. Is he still running for a seat on the board?

I know there are strict laws governing campaigns concerning dates for signs and ads, etc. so I'm pointing out that the School Board President is in violation of yet another Government Accountability Law as evidenced by this photo.  The photo was sent to me by a friend of the blog taken while snowplowing one of our late snow falls.  That election was in December and it is April.

 Come on Mike at least pick up your litter!

The vote totals indicate that the voters like Amy! 

This is the same person that used to work for the school district as the IT person.  The administrator and school board fired her illegally.  The resulting lawsuit was settled before it went to trial with Amy winning.  Plenty of money was paid to her which likely went mainly to her lawyer.  The board refuses to tell us how much so the limits of the insurance policy comes to mind since there appears no additional money was paid directly by the tax payers.  No doubt the insurance premiums paid to the insurance company by the tax payers went down after this?  Soon we premium paying tax payers may have our own wing at their building perhaps?  Remember the is the same lawyer representing the three girls in their lawsuit but then you likely knew that if you read this blog or  

"The Truth According To Dave"

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Could I be wrong?

We may have screwed up.  This blog and "The Truth According To Dave" assumed that everyone that votes knew that they got to pick three candidates for Crivitz school board.  According to the Eagle Herald Newspaper on Wednesday April 6, 2016 1,223 people voted for Amy Grandaw.  The three incumbents got 884, 872 & 859 votes while Wendy got 587 and Todd received 418 votes.  I would guess that the person that got 859 votes may ask for a recount and I am not sure if the early and absentee votes are included in the numbers they reported after all we are north of 64 and there is no telling if these are the final totals.  I'm not sure why the 1,223 people that voted for Amy did not vote for Wendy and Todd although Wendy did very little to help herself and Todd did nothing just like two of the three incumbents also did.  "Nothing" is no press releases, no ads and no signs. Wendy had a press release but that was it.  No one knows these two people.

Amy had a huge vote total.  She is obviously popular with the voters.  Perhaps the School Board will elect her President as her vote totals were way higher than anyone including the once recalled current school board president?   He only got 400 and some votes to keep him on the board against another candidate that did nothing to help herself get elected.

I would have to assume that most of the same people voted for the three incumbents as the difference in votes is 25 from highest to lowest.  I wonder if these votes are from the School Board Presidents family, friends and members of his church?   Something to ponder?  I also now think that Amy would have easily beat the plumber/school board president if she had run against him for the recall election in December but I could be wrong.

With an apparent appeal of the lawsuit in the works by the three girls and change coming slowly to the Crivitz School Board this is far from over.  As always check out the thoughts and opinion of Dave and keep checking back here to get the facts that the School Board and Administration don't want you to know.  Tell your friends about both blogs too.

The Truth According to Dave

Friday, March 25, 2016

Why vote for change?

The reason to vote for change is because the people currently in the positions are not doing a good job.  They usually show up for the meetings but then proceed to sit on their hands and vote the way a plumber and guy that thinks he is in charge (administrator) direct them.  Once in awhile they might ask a question or two perhaps even make a statement but seldom do they vote the way they should.   Never will they add items to the agenda even just for discussion and never mind action items.  I firmly believe that we should have term limits for all elected officials besides President of the United States.  What do you think?

Do I know that Amy, Todd and Wendy will do a better job?  

NO but I don't think they can be worse.

The current three stooges are listed below. They have helped bring us Drug Testing for our students.  The active smart students in school not the ones where the problems might be.  We have been given no results showing success or failure of the program.  The school board has claimed there is/was no cost.  That same school board spent $8,000.00 paying for their lawyers opinion on drug testing before they railroaded it thru.  Anyone that thinks that the testing is FREE would likely still believe in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. Someone is paying!

The current school board has no long term or even short term plans for much of anything.  For all we know they are letting the buildings, vehicles, computer system and infrastructure of the two schools deteriorate like Peshtigo has done.  Now Peshtigo claims the only fix is a new $34 million dollar school.  A big increase in taxes will be the end result.  Crivitz is replacing some of the floors in the schools.  When will we need to replace the K - 8 complex in Crivitz?   I see a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't a train.  Do you see it coming?  There really needs to be some planning and the current school board appears to have done none!

With less than 750 total students in the Crivitz school system we can no longer afford three well paid administrators running the school along with a well paid buildings and grounds manager.  Four big salaries plus great benefits with excellent retirement for handling a small school district.  The cost per kid is around $500 for each student just to pay the three administrators per year alone.  Other school districts combine and share things even sports teams.

There are many other examples including three lawsuits in less than ten years.  The school district lost the first two and the current one is still a tie if the three girls appeal. No matter how it turns out someone will have to pay for the insurance company/school lawyers charges caused by the school boards actions and the girls have no money to pay the insurance company/school lawyers so my guess is the tax payers will somehow be on the hook in the end.  Insurance companies have nice big expensive buildings that we all pay for somehow.  Think about it.

Please for our children and wallets VOTE the following people out of office in Crivitz: 

Tim McFadden
Travis Mueller 
Cory Sodka

As always check out:   

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