Saturday, February 13, 2016

Voting for changes everywhere

Several important elections are on the slate for this year.  Three Crivitz School Board positions are up for grabs and all the Marinette County Board positions.  There will also be another attempt to convince the Peshtigo voters to give them $34+ million for a new school and auditorium by the pro new school committee and Peshtigo administrator that won't be raising his own taxes since he lives in Green Bay.  Stephenson and Marinette will be getting new administrators since the current ones have given notice. 

The Crivitz School District needs changes.  The three new candidates may not be names that you know but they are running for office and change is needed badly.  Time to shake up the Crivitz school board and send them a message.  The vote isn't until April so you have plenty of advance warning.  The Presidential Primary vote will be then also.  It shouldn't be cold (I hope) and no Holiday comes into play so everyone needs to get out and vote for the change that could have started with voting a plumber out of office and away from our children.  Politics and business don't mix well you often will hear.  I guess the local plumber does not care if his business, his brother in law and several other close relatives business go down the drain after all sewage is his area of expertise.   Keep reading this blog and The Truth According to Dave at and tell all your friends to read them.

The following letter to the editor was in the Peshtigo Times 2/10/2016 edition. 



It never ceases to amaze me that politicians on all levels of government fail to reply to letters to the editor, postings on social media, blogs and the like. These people are supposed to be our representatives but they seem to lose sight of that after they are once elected. Why is that?

They often do anything to get elected. What they won’t do is remember or keep promises they made. Why is that?

Around here in most forms of government we get the same people in office every time. Some of them do an average job, most of them do a lousy job. Why is that?

The first solution is to get new people in office. The second solution is term limits. The only place we have term limits is for president of the country. What is that?

Let’s get rid of people that don’t seem to listen. People that don’t bother to reply. People that have been in office too many years. People that are stuck in their ways, have lost sight of reality and no longer use common sense. Voters around her have a chance to make changes starting with the next election and all future elections.


Pete Pfankuch,


Friday, February 5, 2016

Are they catching on?

After reading the two articles on the front page of the Peshtigo Times I'm almost starting to think that the School Administration and School Board might be starting to catch on.  They are far from what I would call normal or like the other school boards but they are finally improving this month.  The article titled "Judge Dismissed Claim Against Sophia Dama" is really a correction of some newspaper article screw ups the previous week but there was some good and accurate information in the article.  I'm told the the suit against the daughter is being refiled so she isn't off the hook.

The other front page article "Crivitz School Considers Backgound Check Options"

says that:

For the free background check the District Administrative Assistant enters the person’s name and birth date on the Wisconsin Court System website and any actions against them in the Wisconsin court system will show up. 


This background check is nothing more than the secretary going to the Wisconsin State website address I have given you many times and typing in the persons name.  It does not always have everything (nothing Federal for instance) and worth every bit of "FREE" don't you think?


I have looked at the Crivitz Volunteer Release Form it is buried in their website. It is a fairly simple form I am guessing they stole from someone else.  I wonder why they don't have several forms as the form for volunteer coaching should be different than working for the sports booster club or chaperoning a school trip wouldn't you think?  Here is a link to the form:


Another couple items from the article and meeting that suggest to me they might be catching on is the following:


The entire background investigation issue occupied considerable discussion by the board. In his written comments for the meeting Mans had explained that the district’s new teaching staff, support staff and substitute teachers receive a more extensive background check through Background Screeners of America which costs $13 and has nationwide coverage, while volunteers and coaches traditionally had received a free background check.


They are spending a whole $13 on a background check for full, part-time & substitute teachers and support staff.  $13 isn't very much (two fast food meals?) so I feel safe saying they likely are not getting much for the $13.  What do you think?


At the request of Board Member Corey Sotka use of the school attorney was a discussion item on the agenda. Sotka explained his feeling that the board makes too many motions subject to approval of legal counsel when they know they are within their legal rights and should be making decisions on their own, “and we should just do it.”

Mans noted it is harder to get significant legal opinions from WASB, which now charges for legal advice.

Dama suggested board members could decline to support motions calling for approval by legal counsel, and then the motion would die.

Heidewald felt they were protecting themselves by seeking legal approval of the motions.


I wonder how much "their" own attorney who appears to be far from an expert on anything charges compared to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) legal advice costs?  I'd bet the WASB is cheaper and much more accurate.  Remember the school district spent over $8000 asking their lawyer questions that the Government Accountability Board (GAB) could answer for free trying to keep the School Board President from being recalled.  Money they could have used to buy bleachers or stripe and seal the new track.  Did the School Board authorize spending this money?  I have seen nothing that said they authorized the money being spent did you?   I wonder why the school board doesn't ask for a legal opinion before they vote on stuff?  Seem backwards to me but we are north of 64.  See Dave Kopp's Blog if you wonder what I'm referring to.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Oversight or is it?

In all forms of government the elected representatives of the people are supposed to be in charge and responsible for how the respective branch of government is run.  It does not seem to be the case in Marinette County and specifically with the Crivitz School Board.  Their idea of "oversight" is an excuse to not follow their handbook, state laws, the WASB, the WIAA or common sense. Any time they are caught and there are plenty of times their excuse is an "oversight".   All of them and us have tons of information on line so there really are no excuses or reasons for "oversight" unless they cannot read but perhaps they cannot comprehend or more likely don't care as they are north of 64?  See Dave Kopp's Blog if you wonder what I'm referring to.

The internet is rapidly replacing the library and newspapers as a source of information. You can search pretty much any subject and find information. You will have to cut and paste the addresses I will give you but hopefully you know how to do that.

Want to know if any one you know has been the subject of a lawsuit look them up at Wisconsin Circuit Court Access.  The website (WCCA) provides access to certain public records of the Wisconsin circuit courts. The information displayed is an exact copy of the case information entered into the circuit court case management system by court staff in the counties where the case files are located. The court record summaries viewed here are all public records under Wisconsin open records law.

You can learn the laws that are supposed to Govern School Boards at:

You can read about General School Operations at:

This link will get you to the WIAA

Wisconsin State Law Library has lots of information:

Wonder what the state employees are being paid?

What to know what any Marinette County property taxes are?
Information is out there it is free and if you want to practice your own "oversight" you can read the laws and tell your elected officials what they are.  Many do not seem to know or perhaps they don't care especially if they are North of 64!   If you want to know more on the Crivitz School District check out:

The Truth According to Dave

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Salaries paid for administration in Crivitz

In his blog Dave Kopp at  Crivitz Dollars and Sense is a post about how much the Crivitz administrator was paid in 2013 - 2014.  I figured there is a need to take it a step or two further.

You can find most state employees salaries on line although it is about a year behind with the numbers.  A simple easy to fill out form to check any of them out.

Crivitz High School Principal was paid $77,603 plus $31,711 in benefits which is $109,314.00.
Crivitz Grade School Principal was paid $81,262 plus $20,901 in benefits which is $102,163.00

When you add the administrator at $150,320.00 and two principals together the total is $361,797.00 to manage around 725 students.  Almost $500 per student per year for three administrators to do a poor job by many people's standards.  

Tax payers could cut the money wasted on school management by 1/3 by just getting rid of one.  Or go with part time positions to eliminate the benefits and some of the salaries just like they have done with numerous teachers, positions or classes offered to keep the budget on track.  We could add some programs, technology or maybe a swimming pool.  Perhaps even save some money for the new school that you know is coming to replace the antique grade school.  Got to keep up with Peshtigo right?

Do we really need an expensive full time manager of property and grounds also?

Changing out three members of the current school board can happen in April. The 3 new people could right the listing rudderless ship perhaps as there are only 7 school board members all together.  They cannot be any worse than what we haveI'm sure Dave will tell you who to vote for and so will I when we get closer.   

Please get out and vote in April for the children and our wallets!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bullies & Bullying

Bullies and bullying seem to be everywhere.  People bully others at work, in school and even at home.  Sadly parents even bully their kids it seems.

The lawsuit against the Crivitz School District is about being bullied.  Three students were treated unfairly they, their parents, grandparents and others feel by the school administration so in essence they were bullied. 

The school board president who was an illegal volunteer assistant coach of the girls basketball team at the time which his daughter was also a member of went way over the top of "girls being girls" (according to law enforcement officials) to see that the girls were punished and made examples of.  It also seems he wanted his daughter to be the star athlete of the school and these girls stood in the way.  Even with the girls off the girls basketball team she wasn't a star and the other girls teams didn't do very well either.

His wife a teacher in Marinette Public School System decided to use social media to blast the girls and expose or punish all of them for how they treated her daughter.  Never mind that the kids had all been good friends and teammates for many, many years.  They were all in the same classes, play the same sports, text, talk, eat, have sleep overs, etc.  Just throw them all under the bus without any regard for "girls being girls" (according to law enforcement officials) and no real evidence.  Ignore the policies of the Crivitz School District where her husband is the school board president, her own employers' policies on bullying and her employment contract.  She didn't even take the time to call the parents or the girls.  

It seems the daughter didn't want to do anything but mom and dad insisted and pushed the whole "girls being girls" (according to law enforcement officials) incident.   A minor infraction of the schools athletic code that should have been addressed by the school board quickly and well before it reached a point where the girls, their parents and grandparents felt forced to file a lawsuit.  A lawsuit that has divided the town and has cast the Crivitz School District in a bad light. A lawsuit that is costing both sides lots of money.  It helped trigger a recall where the school spent $8,000+ dollars just trying to prevent it.  Then there was an election also.  The tax payers are suffering because of it.  The students in the school will suffer as the school budget has to be impacted win or lose.  The media has sold some more newspapers because of it and even the TV and Radio stations have covered it some.  If it goes to trial it could put Crivitz in the spotlight all over the US and the world thanks in part to the internet and the media's thirst for breaking news.

If the school district was smart which they are not as this is the third time they are being sued since 5/9/1996 they would quickly settle it now as the oral arguments are Tuesday the 26th.   The two previous times they settled which means you think you are going to lose.

Marinette County Case Number 1996CV000122

Oconto County Case Number 2011CV000042

Oconto County Case Number 214CV000198

One of the big problems with this school district board members is they all seem to prefer to be kept in the dark.  They do not ask questions or research anything.  The board members all just show up for meetings and blindly follow the school board president.  A president with only his interests and his family interests as his only concerns.   If any of the school board members cared about the children this would not still be going on and the school board president would be thrown out of volunteer coaching and off the school board.  The ego of the school board president won't let him do the right thing and resign. He obviously does not get good advice from his family either.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lawsuit is coming up

What I should write about next is the Lawsuit.  I know this is on the school district calendar January 26 at 1:15 PM according to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Website although I doubt you'll find it on the schools' website or published calendar.

The oral arguments are in the Courthouse Addition/Courtroom A in front of Judge Michael T. Judge

You can use the free website to look up your friends, neighbors, school board members, relatives, etc.

There have been several lengthy briefs from the lawsuit that the lawyers filed along with lots of other legal maneuvering.  The briefs are available to the public.  Both sides have told the local papers what they want them to know and the papers have shared what they feel they should.  If you don't read the local papers you are missing lots of local information.  I've read it all, some of it several times.  Better than any TV reality show.

I'll try to keep it fairly short but it isn't going to be easy.

February 19, 2014 was the day of the girls basketball game.  The girls all went out for food together at a local place as it was a home game.  The four girls had been good friends for a very long time playing several different sports together on school teams for many years.  Before the game the girls all went into the locker room to get ready which meant putting on their uniforms, playing loud music, dancing and getting "fired up" for the game.  Nothing out of the ordinary according to the testimony in the lawyers briefs by the girls.

February 21, 2014 was the day the three girls were all taken from their classes.  They were isolated, questioned and threatened by school officials and a county sheriff deputy (not the local Crivitz Police which to this day no one has said why).  The minor girls' rights were violated repeatedly as they were not allowed to call their parents or a lawyer not that I would expect the young girls to have a lawyer or his phone number.  There was nothing found on the girls phones according to the investigating sheriff deputy. The Marinette County District Attorney did not find anything to charge any of the girls with.  He was quoted saying "girls being girls". The other girls on the team were not questioned it appears.

The girls were punished severely by the school for what was considered a minor infraction in the past and still is. The infraction was cell phone use in the locker room.  Never mind there are lots of pictures all over the web that appear to have been taken in the school locker rooms.

The girls and their parents asked repeatedly to meet with the school board.  These requests and any meetings if there were any did nothing to clear up the incident obviously.

The mother of the girl that was "wronged" went on Face Book and posted nasty things.  This adult woman is a school teacher in Marinette and should know better than to bully minors and students on social media or in any other manner.  One of the parents complained to the sheriff department and the sheriff told her to remove the posts. The "mother" has failed to produce copies of the posts so she is in contempt of the court and could go to jail.  She sure appears guilty and expect she will be punished by the court severely.

The girls filed a lawsuit against the school district, the school board president, his wife and his daughter about 9 months (11/13/2014) after the incident.  

The school's position is they are right and they can do anything they want.  Never mind the school handbook, state or federal laws.

The girls position is they were excessively punished, bullied and lost much of what should have been some of the best times of their lives (activities and sports their senior year in high school) and several other opportunities.  Stuff that is hard to define with mere words.

The outcome of this case could be used as a basis for determining outcomes for future lawsuits all over the country unless the school district, the school board president, his wife and his daughter settle.  In the past two cases the school district settled before going to court.  They always get a gag order so the winner can't reveal the settlement and the public does not know what the terms were in other words how much money the school's insurance paid out.

With both sides likely having well over $100,000 in lawyers fees, expect witnesses, court costs, etc. the only winners are the lawyers.  In the end one side will win and one side will lose this lawsuit.  No matter what you think or who's side you are on the tax payers will be paying increased insurance costs and possibly for what the school administration did as well as the sheriff deputy.  The rational of the school board president, his wife and his daughter seem strange and they may be hit financially as well.  Hopefully the school administration won't do it to your kid and they will learn a valuable but very expensive lesson.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Back at it again!

I had major access problems to my blog but I seem to have them resolved now finally! 

Lots has been going on with the Crivitz School Board including:

Lawsuit by three now former students about to go to trial Jan 26, 2016 in Oconto County. This is the third lawsuit against them since 2006 (?).  The first two they settled before going to court.  I'm wondering if they will settle again?  There are lawsuits against the school board president, his wife and daughter so four total.  Big dollars on lawyers and experts being spent by both sides I suspect.

I wonder how the school district can even find insurance?  Be interesting to know what it will cost when they have to renew it?  Sadly the tax payers are on the hook as usual.

Recall of the school board member that is the president.  The recall was successful but he ran for the office again although he told several people he would not. Sadly he won with poor voter turnout on December 22, 2015 to blame it seems.  The school board spent over $8,000.00 with their lawyer trying to keep the recall from happening. Money they could have saved by just calling the Government Accountability Board.  

Check out:

Dave is a very interesting opinionated guy that authored the recall of the school board member with help from some others collecting signatures.  They collected over 650 signatures but only about half the signers turned out to vote for their candidate.  The election 3 days before Christmas did not help Dave's recall.

With all the stuff in both newspapers including interviews from both lawyers and all over social media I'm wondering why anyone would want to be on the Crivitz School Board although there are six candidates running for office in April. Three new ones and three incumbents. Change should be in order.

There sure plenty to write about so hopefully I won't lose my access again.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm back at it!

Sorry that I have been to busy with family and work to update this blog for what seems like a long time.  I'll try not to let it happen until spring next year I promise!

While I have been very busy I still could not help but notice that Mr. Pfankuch has been active in the newspaper this past summer (while I was away from this blog) voicing his opinion on the local school boards, county board and their doings. Good to know some things don't change!

I've also read some interesting things in the Eagle Herald Newspaper this past summer about school's and their issues.

School Board Makes Administration Changes

Finally one small local school district seems to be catching on! 

In the 8/15/2012 addition of the Peshtigo Times on the front page it says that the Wausaukee School District board has "tentatively agreed to expand the role of Elementary Principal Jared Deschane to that of K-12 Principal as part of an overall administrative downsizing that eliminates one principal's position."

WOW!  Wonder where they got that idea?  Maybe they can read the newspaper or this blog perhaps? We know that very few new ideas come out of any school board members heads . . . . . .

Keeping teachers is a good idea.  Having to many bosses and not enough workers is a bad idea!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Can it happen in any school district?

Former Peshtigo Bookkeeper Gets Two Years In Prison

 How can this happen is the obvious question along with why isn't this caught much quicker? 

"She repeated stealing over many years."

I'm thinking that the folks on many School Boards don't have a clue about finances and bill paying at the tax payer business they have been elected to over see. One of the male board members in Crivitz would call it "micro management".  I wonder how he runs the family business? Maybe when Diane gets out of prison she could be his book keeper?

 Doesn't this make you wonder if the administrator was stealing from the tax payers would anyone know? 

This story was on the front page of the Peshtigo Times Wednesday March 28, 2012

Former Peshtigo School District Bookkeeper Diane R. Shearer, 52, of N6565 S. 6th St., Crivitz, was sentenced to two years in prison and three years of extended supervision on reduced charge of felony theft of $5,000 to $10,000 in a business setting. Shearer pleaded “no contest” to the sole charge.

Shearer appeared in person before Judge David Miron in Marinette County Circuit Court, Branch 1, for sentencing at 2 p.m. Thursday, March 22, accompanied by her attorney, Richard Boren.

Investigation reports showed between Oct. 7, 2005 and Sept. 10, 2010 Shearer issued herself unearned payroll checks, pay for overtime not worked and flex spending reimbursements which were not owed to her in the amount $43,982.83. She resigned her position on Sept. 10, 2010 after being interviewed by Peshtigo School Superintendent Kim Eparvier. She had been employed by the school district since the mid 1990s.

 Link to entire article:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Internet, Media Safety Expert to address Students at Crivitz

On Wednesday, April 25th internet and safety expert Eric Szatowski is going to do some presentations for the students during the day and one for parents at 6:30 PM in the Auditeria.

You may want to put it on your calendar.  You and I know few if any of the School Board Members will attend as they no longer have students in school!  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Security not working?

A friend of mine told me that one of the kids was sick enough the other day that the kid had to be picked up from the grade school during the school day.  So the name badge wearing parent signed in at the grade school office.  The grade school office was empty.  Picked up the child from the nurse's office where no one even acknowledged the pickup of the child.  Sorry but I forgot to ask if the nurse was there.  I assume she was since the kid was in the nurses' office.  Maybe the nurse was on the phone or internet?   The parent and sick child signed out in the still empty grade school office.

Do you think that the new security system is working well?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bullying a problem in schools?

 I know that bullying is a problem in Crivitz of and by members and former members on the school board.  I also know a couple people that have had their kids bullied in school so I found this story interesting.

Almost half of Wisconsin students think bullying is a problem in schools

More than 44 percent of Wisconsin students say bullying and harassment are problems at their schools, according to results from the Department of Public Instruction's Youth Behavior Risk Survey. The survey found 17 percent of students say they have been electronically bullied through email, instant messaging, social media or texting.   Results from the Youth Behavior Risk Survey, which the DPI administers every two years, were released Thursday. More than 3,000 ninth- through 12th-graders took the 2011 survey.
Other survey findings:
Marijuana use has increased to 22 percent, but the percentage of students using alcohol or tobacco fell to 39 percent and 15 percent, respectively.
Fourteen percent of students say they have considered suicide.
More students reported having sex within the past few months; 64 percent said they used a condom and birth control was used 26 percent of the time.
There were slight increases in the number of students who were overweight (15 percent) or obese (10 percent).
Ninety-seven percent of students reported feeling safe in schools. More than 90 percent of students say they are using seatbelts.

Filed by The Post-Crescent of Appleton 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kids, teachers and tax payers on the losing end again!

So the School Board has given the three stooges new contracts.  The end result will be fewer teachers, bigger classes and fewer class offerings for the children because the school board needs two principals and one administrator for 700+ students.  There are many schools in the state and nation that have more students in one class than all the students in the entire Crivitz School District!  Why with budgets being tight (we lost 8 teachers this past school year alone) would anyone give new contracts to three inexperienced people in the middle of the budget year? 

A smart school board would get by with fewer bosses and more workers (teachers)!  That is what private employers are doing. We don't even have full time nurse coverage at both schools but we have two high paid hall monitors in both school buildings.  I guess that checking for parents ID's at the door in the mornings and afternoons is reason enough to have two principals right?   By the way they never have checked for my ID.
Maybe the reason that the school district needs to have three of them is because it takes three incompetent people to do the job of one or two experienced competent professionals?

It's no wonder that the school board does not put their agenda in the newspaper before the meetings.  Other school districts manage to do it ahead of time and it is free.  Maybe the school board and administrators are afraid that tax payers and parents will know what is going on and show up for their dog and pony shows (meetings)?  Of course with "Public Input" only at the start of the meetings and them not listening to any one anyways does it really matter what is best for the children and tax payers?   Nope not in Crivitz!  It is no wonder that parents wanted school choice.  I'm starting to understand why more parents are Home Schooling.

ps  I'm also told that the administrator still does not have the proper permanent license for the position he is being paid for.  Not to mention how many classes he has taken at Tax Payer expense.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This column by Bill Gosse from the Sunday Press Gazette is a good one. Maybe the Crivitz School District should take this advice?

Have you ever been at a sporting event where you began to feel uncomfortable? Maybe the game was progressing, but an uneasy sensation came over you. It might have been a situation where the players were becoming unruly and disrespectful — where unsportsmanlike calls had to be made before the contest really got going.

As parents, we need to teach our children the difference between right and wrong so they can properly discern as they pass through life. Regarding sportsmanship, I try to do the same thing for readers. I understand this column isn't going to fix poor sportsmanship by itself. However, I take it somewhat personally when I continue to witness poor behavior.

My hope is it will make a difference if I explicitly point out what poor sportsmanship looks like in basketball — statistically shown by a TeamScore Inc., study to have the most incidents of bad behavior.  Please understand this is not an exhaustive list, nor is it in any order of importance, but hopefully it will help all participants to make the right decision going forward.

Fans swearing at officials' calls is never a good thing.

Coaches mouthing off to referees, childishly pouting when they don't get their way and apathetically quitting late in a game by not even getting up and addressing their team during a timeout is unacceptable — and to me, grounds for dismissal. Almost unequivocally, officials do not determine the outcome of a game. One or two plays may seem to dictate a result, but there is always something a team could have done better at other times to improve their chances of winning.

Reading a sportsmanship statement prior to a contest, but then refusing to exact consequences when the very violations that purportedly wouldn't be tolerated occur anyway, is hypocritical, enabling and defeating.

Administrators chasing officials at halftime — anytime — and berating and accusing them of throwing the game is rude and preposterous.

A student section turning their backs to the opponents' starting lineup is disrespectful. Allowing that same student section to yell "sucks" after each introduced player is pathetic.

When a player tries to showboat with an outlandish dunk — and misses — it's just as sad seeing fans laugh and jeer at him for trying. It takes a bigger person to resist the temptation of getting even.

I always will insist that fans yelling and waving during free throws or repeatedly yelling "airball" every time the victim thereafter touches the ball is unsportsmanlike, and not part of the game. Unfortunately, some hall-of-fame college coaches permit this continuous behavior at their institutions and the poor example gets passed down to high schools.

When pretentious comments pervade in the post-game handshake line, a cry for proper mentorship rings out.

Any time the police have to be called because of deteriorating conduct, we can safely, and sadly conclude there is still job security when it comes to poor sportsmanship.

Bill Gosse is headmaster at Providence Academy, a father of five, a former WIAA official, a former walk-on for the Marquette University basketball team and president of TeamScore Inc., a Greenleaf-based nonprofit organization promoting good sportsmanship in youth athletics.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

School Spirit?

Have you ever been to a Crivitz boys high school basketball game?  When the home team takes to the court there is no cheering or clapping, nothing!  Local funerals are louder until the opposition runs onto the court. 

Why is this?  Everybody to busy texting?

New people to the area won't be sending their kids to Crivitz after attending a home basketball game I'd guess.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Seems drugs are a problem in some school districts . . . . .

With the news on the internet, TV and radio of several staff members (5 so far) in the Antigo School District being suspended (with pay) as a result of a drug investigation it may make you wonder why our schools don't do random drug testing of the staff?  If you are a school bus driver you are subject to testing. So why not regular drug testing if you are an administrator, principal, teacher or support staff?  I wonder if they even do background or credit checks?  Most employers do background and credit checks even the small ones. Many do drug testing also.

It also mentioned in the online story that the school district has already found staff to replace the duties of the four employees. So there must be plenty of people looking for jobs with the school district even with Governor Walker's changes.

Makes you think and wonder doesn't it?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Are we good examples for our kids?

Kids often imitate their parents.  It has been proven that they learn by watching their parents, older brothers and older sisters.  Kids also learn from each other as well as teachers and other adults they come in contact with.

Are we really good examples for our children and other parents children?

Do we swear, speed. text while we drive, cheat on our taxes, smoke, drink, talk back to our spouses, not finish projects we start, etc.?

We should all set better examples for our kids. Don't just tell them to do what you say and not what they see you do! 

We need good examples teaching in our schools and running our schools.  Do we have them?

Monday, October 17, 2011


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